About Me

I obtained my masters degree in 2004 and my license as a clinical social worker in 2007. Although I was intermittently involved in a private practice, doing consulting work around issues related to culture and diversity, I spent six years training under several well known theorists and psychologists in the subject of complex trauma and attachment while working in the adoption field. This attachment based work informed the theoretical basis for my current mode of working with clients as an attachment based therapist. I chose to pursue the Masters in Social Work (MSW) degree because I believe in the efficacy of Systems Theory. This model proposes that we as individuals are uniquely influenced by our families of origin historically and currently and by every other aspect of our lives as well as the complex systems of our brain, our body and our emotions.

After working as a psychotherapist in an outpatient hospital setting for a short period of time, I decided to continue in private practice on a full time basis as the need for my clinical skills with my intended focus group increased. My private practice is diverse and I find fulfillment in the lack of limitation that it allows, while still staying true to the psychodynamic theoretical models that inform my work. Working with people who benefit from therapy without the societal restrictions that make therapy an unattainable extravagance is an enriching experience. 

I am also an artist and my creative practice in depicting the psychological aspects of the African American experience through my art enticed my curiosity in learning more about healing wounds due to cultural phenomena.  This interest lead directly to an internship where I worked with a leading African American clinical psychologist assisting grandparents and relatives who were raising their relative’s children. The psychological experience of people whose lives had been altered by historical constructs, familial crisis and social indignities were of great interest to me. Because of these experiences I became more interested in pursuing a degree and license in a field where I could directly serve these diverse populations that reflect the community I come from.

It is with this deep seeded inspiration, compassion and caring that I offer support to my clients in their very human journey of self discovery and healing. Please continue browsing my website to learn more about my method, the people I serve and my office locations. If you would like to schedule a consultation or reach me directly, you can use the contact form at the foot of any page. If you prefer to call me directly, I welcome your communication.