The People I work with

Our self-identification is important to all of us and we should be able to delight in who we are.

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I view diversity with great understanding and empathy. I understand the affects of trauma and the historical influences that sculpt our lives.  There may be obstacles in your path making your journey in life unpleasant or difficult. Given the opportunity I would feel privileged to be a part of the journey that moves you toward the ability to feel good about yourself so you can manage those difficulties and achieve the happiness you deserve. 

I work with people from all walks of life without discrimination. Each client that walks in my door has my full attention without judgment or bias. 

Culturally Diverse

As a person of color, I have made a concerted effort to understand how difference has affected the lives of many people. I respect and accept that these differences can be highly influential in the happiness and agency of people of color, as well as people who support and share lives with those who are from marginalized populations.   


I have educational training and life experience in the area of cultural identity and have facilitated multiple trainings on understanding the importance of one's culture as a viable construct.

Today we live in a society that can still be misinformed, negatively reactive and rejecting of difference.  This understanding remains an important and integral part in fully understanding my clients.  I  admire the human spirit and respect the personal fortitude and courage that it sometimes takes to stand in the face of adversity.


Besides the above mentioned, I am also very aware of the grief and loss issues connected to immigration, the difficulties that may have arisen within one's family due to different acculturation levels and the resulting mental health issues that arise in the effort to manage both.

I understand the importance of honoring your connection to a larger group or a historical construct that may be influenced and defined by, religion, tradition and ideology.  


“Alternative Lifestyle”

Although I use this term with hesitation I find that it triggers attention by those individuals who do not live within the guidelines as set up by either familial, cultural, religious, or social norms. If you have special or different self-realizations or have chosen a lifestyle that challenges any of the above standards, I understand the difficulties and repercussions that may arise. I am curious about your experiences and perspectives that may have influenced you in some way.

I create safety and understanding for my clients and welcome anyone who would like to explore those aspects of life and find ways to manage the resistance that may occur whether from yourself, family, friends, work associates, society or institutionalized restraints. 


I work with individuals and couples engaged in open relationships, serial monogamy, multi-partner relationships and polyamory. I am non-judgmental, open and accepting. For couples, I will help you develop the guidelines for your lifestyle choices that work for you. 

If you have reached a place in your life where you are unable to function at the level you desire as a result of these differences and are finding either one or countless obstacles in your path to leading a fulfilling and enjoyable life, I would like to help.

We will search together for that which helps you find your peaceful and comfortable place in your own lives. 

LGBT, Queer and Gender Fluid

Are you searching for deeper understanding about your sexual or gender identity? 

Have you been struggling in any way as a result of your self identification?

Are you placing restrictions on yourself that inhibit your personal freedom?

Are you finding yourself in the company of those who project their judgments, criticisms and values on you?

You may be finding yourself, sad, confused, lonely, anxious, angry and/or depressed as a result. Let's explore those meanings and understandings to take a closer look at why your self-perceptions or the perceptions and resulting behaviors of others may be influencing you or creating difficulties.

I understand the levels of sexual and gender related identifications as well as the concept of fluidity with sexual orientation and gender identity. I understand the conditions related to  biological and physiological realities of the intersexed population.

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Working on gaining a positive self-concept and the ability to move about with a level of freedom in your own life can be a purposeful and rewarding journey to undertake. I would like to help you explore and find your genuine self. 

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I will help you accept that which you cannot change while embracing all that you are.