types of relationships

Romantic couple Relationships

As human beings we find comfort in our attachment to a significant other, a partner to share our lives with.

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The Romantic Couple Relationship:

It is a natural want and desire for someone to love us and for us to want to love someone else. We want someone who will be there when we need them and someone who will allow us to be there for them when they need us. We usually start out with this understanding and sometimes find ourselves down a path that doesn't meet our desire for love in the way we thought it would. This is usually because we do not know how to do this effectively. Creating safety and trust allows each person the opportunity to be understood and to understand the other.  

Family relationships

When we are a member of a family, our relationships can sometimes be challenging.

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Family Relationships:

We have multiple relationships throughout our lives. When we are a member of a family, our relationships are sometimes challenging. Family member relationships seem to be the ones we will stay in but not seek help to work on. When there are difficulties, choosing to enter therapy may be the furthest thought from your mind, but that doesn't mean it isn't a good idea; it is. Give yourselves a chance to explore some unknown territory that may enlighten you both to underlying reasons for behaviors that seem to do more hurt than harm. 

Other Important relationships

There are often relationships that we need to maintain in our lives and we need a viable way to do that.


Other Relationships:

It could be a friend, or someone in the workplace, or our ex-partner because contact remains necessary due to joint custody of the children.

We have multiple relationships throughout our lives. If you are in a relationship that you cannot or do not want to leave and it is not working because there are differences of opinion and resulting behaviors that are harmful, then seeking therapy to understand why you are not getting along, could be the key to a successful relationship, for however long it may be needed.